Digital Marketing trends in 2021: The Definitive Guide

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Digital Marketing trends in 2021: The Definitive Guide

Digital Marketing trends for 2021

Digital marketing is essential in our time where marketing, online platforms, technology, and social media go hand in hand.

From business, start-ups to big companies, everyone can state the imperative need of marketing the brand and business one owns digitally especially where more than half the population resides on those virtual platforms and will probably only have that way to encounter the brand.

Not only is it time and cost-efficient but it also makes sure that it reaches certain milestones and success through the strategies and trends that comply in the world of digital marketing.

Here a few of those trends that are game-altering and impactful for digital marketing in 2021. 

Digital marketing trends for

Visual Search

Visual search has made the process of searching and finding results on search engine boxes very easy and convenient.

One comes across multiple things over the internet and usually have stored various pictures that they cannot accurately find the name of or label.  

There are times when even comes across certain products and would like to find details and information associated with them but is unable to which is where visual search came, which has made searching get easier, quicker, and interesting in turn making marketing boom and flourish.     

There are many platforms for this such as; Google lens, Pinterest lens, bing search, etc. 

Voice Search

With the rise of technology and artificial intelligence, digital marketing which already has its roots growing by the second is getting even more benefits and surface to climb on.

With various AI voice robots, voice searches emerging and settling in, the path for digital marketing became even cleaner. No matter what one needs or is looking for-

They can simply use their voice specified gadgets such as Siri, Alexa, and Google and get the results simply. 

One of the reasons why this trend will not be slowing down anytime is because of the comfort it provides for the customers and the society where, one can use a candid dialogue way to pose questions related to the product, brands, names, etc which has made searching and landing on a site. 


Featured Snippet

Featured snippets, also known as no search clicks are one of the smartest ways of digital marketing in 2021 and the upcoming years because it carries through a tricky and wise strategy to help sites. These sites are placed at 0 positions and have the advantage readily served to them.

For example, you searched something on google, google then by itself provided you with the complete results on top enclosed in a paragraph with accurate and exact things that you were looking for.

It makes the work easier and very smooth especially to generate traffic and leads for certain websites which helps them majorly in getting sales and profit further. 

However, on the con side, it is also an issue because sometimes the leads automatically get the entire answer in it which in turn decreases the user’s possibility to visit the site.

There are approaches to deal with it though like extending the length of information, adding in more points, etc. so that the person does visit the site. 



Not a recent innovation, the AI-based technology helps any business, site, and virtual platform to make things easier and smooth as well as impress and attract customers. 

Chatbots merge two major components are chatting and robots where it’s obvious that considering no human being can be available 24/7 to answer queries or be there for the users that will visit the site all day long, which is where chatbots highlight their magic.

Chatbots thus appear on the platform whenever a user is visiting them and is there to give automated replies as set earlier to its maximum potential which differs for every platform and site.

It is also specialized to increase customer loyalty and make their experience user-friendly as their needs are instantly being attended to. 

Chatbots have, in turn, helped the customer entirely through the pre-set responses and taken control of the situation while fixing it or at the very least kept the user engaged until the human comes in and interjects to fix and solve the situation.

It has engaged and helped the rise of digital marketing and will continue to do so even in the near future. 

Artificial Intelligence

One might not be certain about many events and possibilities coming up in the future, but if there is one thing that one can be evidently sure of and can rightly predict, that is the further rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on society.

We can already see how dependent and reliant we are on our computer, gadgets, their functions, now even devices that come with voices and human features meant to help us. 

Despite both the cons and the pros, one definitely cannot deny how powerful and strong it will be for almost every sector and field in our world. 

Even when an average person does not have access to all the provisions, to think how life will alter when it does become even more accessible and get normalized will automatically become a huge boon for the digital marketing sector. 


Video Marketing


Video marketing is another sub-category of digital marketing that has proven to be powerful, effective, and impactful. The results and the data evidently shown where;

Consumers were more likely to stay on a post and go through it thoroughly if it includes video even if it was informational.

Customers are more likely to share and spread videos amongst their peers to help advertise and promote the brand they like. 

Engaging customers with product videos, review videos, promotional videos has increased the leads, sales, and profits as confirmed by various business owners.

Talking about the business, promoting and attracting target audience and clients have improved through the usage of videos, and the strategies have done wonders.

It could be on the website, through various social media platforms, for example, Instagram reels, Facebook lives, etc. which attracts users and compels them to watch ahead due to creativity, curiosity, or just casual interest. 

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