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Ever since online or digital platforms have been created, everything has taken a new shape. From meetings and interactions to shopping and selling. If everything has been redefined due to this new era of digital platforms then there is one another major thing that has been portrayed in a new light and has been changed for the better. Marketing


Why Marketing is important in 2020-2021?

Marketing was and still is a huge sector and industry in itself. From promoting any brand, generating leads, increasing sales and creating a presence. It plays an essential role for any product, brand, company or organisation. However, long gone are the years where marketing meant large billboards and 1 second ads on television or YouTube, not that it still does not stand but for marketing in our generation, if everything has been shifted to online platforms then it is only obvious that even marketing make its way there.

Which is exactly what happened after 2000’s when digital marketing boomed to another level and turned into something effective and magical.

 Fast forward to 2020, there are many companies, brands, etc. investing a lot in digital marketing because of its efficiency and productivity. There are many ways one is able to market their product online because that is where the rest of the world is. From promotional activities, social media platforms, and online Advertisements. Speaking of which, Google Ads is one of the major online or digital advertising platforms.

How Works Google Ads or Google Ads Page?

It is a paid form of advertisements that brands, websites and companies initiate through Google. For example, remember how you wanted to search and buy a red coat last week and so you googled ‘Red Coats’, all the links that came firstly on top of the search page that can be referred to as a Google Ads Page which were not where the actual search list started but they were on priority by the Google with a red line around it, those are the sponsored websites or the advertisements showcased by Google where their website is given the priority where naturally many people would click on the thing that appears first in front of their eyes. It also mentioned that it is an Ad by Google to highlight it for the customer beforehand.

Google  offers display Ads which appears on the Google display network. The advertisement is showcased on these third party websites which have been initiated by and partnered with Google. These Ads are showcased through pictures, little clips or videos and banners. As intricate or complex it sounds, it is one of the most effective ways to run an advertisement campaign and millions of users search and surf on Google all day.

When the Google ad pages is generated, as much people click on the ad and view it in relevance to the quality of the Ad, the content, the scores, click through rate which, it is after that then inclusion of all the points generates your Pay per click which keeps decreasing if the clicks and scores are high so that the return on investment is high. There are many private websites associated with Google that helps brands and websites generate Google ads or pay-per-click ads at different subscriptions rates and helps them run ad campaigns. There are many such marketing and Google certified platforms which are professionals and helps one generate Google Ad pages and advertisements along with many extensive features to attract them.

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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Google Adwords is an advertising platform designed as a pay-per-click platform where bidding is done to showcase, promote and advertise their brand and items so that their website can be referred to on the search engine and get more clients and leads.

When one decides to use Google Ads, the marketers are asked to set a specific campaign goal and then bid on certain keywords, preferably with low competition then once one links their website they will be asked to create an Advertisement of their brand or site  that will be showcased on various platforms and the pay per click will get initiated.

One will be linking their cards directly for the payment though when one decides to opt the method of Google Ad Words, Bing and Yahoo, one doesn’t have to directly pay for the advertising plan but only when their advertisement is being clicked on and when that happens only then one has to pay for the click where due to low traffic on bing, even the cpc is low.

One can definitely set a daily budget for their advertising as they do get to choose their own plan and how much they are willing to invest even if lower budget means lower possibilities and opportunities at times

One can definitely set different geographic location, specification and other customisable settings especially if they are getting their work done through service providers for this specific task.

 CPC is cost per click and PPC is pay per click. In cost per click if there is an ad set up on your website and one clicks on it then google would pay you as well that is cost per click and in pay per click when your advertisement is set up by google and every time it is click on and searched, that time you will be paying google for that click where bidding takes place too per clicks.

Google Ads cost does not have a minimum budget as of now and can be customised according to how much one is bidding for a keyword, the competition and to the number of clicks the advertisement receives.